DOI: 10.1177/09727531231208290 ISSN: 0972-7531

Changing Horizon in Teaching Profession in India: Issues and Challenges

Shikha Verma, Mitima Sachdeva, Amita Bajpai
  • General Neuroscience

Background: The education system is the lifeline of a nation. If the education system is strong and free from issues, the nation will, certainly, progress. Teachers have a key role in nation-building. Their opinions for overcoming the issues and challenges of education in the changing horizon can work as a roadmap to quality education.

Purpose: The researcher has surveyed 450 teaching professionals to explore the issues and challenges of the changing horizon for teaching professionals in India.

Methods: The researcher has developed a five-point rating scale, after an extensive literature review of regulations and reports of commissions and regulatory bodies. MS Excel 2016 version is used and analysis has been done by finding the frequency of respondents on each point of the rating scale. Then, the results have been interpreted and concluded.

Results: The recommendations to overcome the issues and challenges for teaching professionals are also given in the changing horizon in India.

Conclusion: Concerned professionals must consider factors including adequate infrastructure, up-to-date curricula, qualified faculty, suitable class sizes, learning materials, financial support and well-planned guidelines for quality education in order to improve education quality. A new teacher education program named as Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP)1 and a reform in educational policy as New Education Policy (2020)2 have begun. All the teaching professionals are hopefully waiting for their implementation. A great future for everyone will undoubtedly result from our work.

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