DOI: 10.1145/3649402 ISSN: 1542-7730

Challenges in Adopting and Sustaining Microservice-based Software Development

Padmal Vitharana, Shahir A. Daya
  • General Computer Science

MS (microservice) has become the latest buzzword in software development. The MS approach to software development offers an alternative to the conventional monolith style. While benefits of MS-based development over monolith style are clear, industry experts agree that neither style provides an absolute advantage in all situations. Proponents contend that an MS approach to software development more readily facilitates mapping organizational changes manifesting from a more dynamic business environment to corresponding IT/IS (information technology/information systems) changes. This article identifies key challenges from the initial decision to adopt MSs to the ongoing task of sustaining the new paradigm over the long haul. It aims to provide insights to those considering MS-based software development.

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