DOI: 10.31703/gsr.2023(viii-i).35 ISSN: 2708-3586

Challenges in Accessibility: Exam Preparation for Students with Low Vision in Pakistan

Afshan Khalid, Faran Ahmed, Faisal Anis
  • Psychiatry and Mental health

Students with low vision in Pakistan face barriers to accessing accommodations and preparing for exams due to inaccessible learning materials, lack of supportive services, and inadequate school infrastructure. Interviews with 15 students in Lahore revealed inaccessibility to large print books, assistive tech, and other accommodations inhibited learning and exam prep. Students also noted a lack of services like accessible transportation and signage, and teaching methods that fail to accommodate low vision. Moreover, negative attitudes and policies created barriers. The inaccessible environment made exam preparation difficult compared to sighted peers. Significant gaps exist in meeting the needs of students with low vision in Pakistan. Recommendations aim to improve accessibility and inclusion for exam preparation.

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