Chaitanya Prasad Nath, Ravi Gopal Singh, Vijay K. Choudhary, Debarati Datta, Rajiv Nandan, Sati Shankar Singh

Challenges and Alternatives of Herbicide-Based Weed Management

  • Agronomy and Crop Science

Weeds are the most severe and widespread biological constraint on agricultural production systems and cause damage to cropped and non-cropped lands. They reduce crop yield and degrade the quality of the produce, besides raising the cost of production. The intensification of agriculture in the Green Revolution era attracted chemical fertilizers and dwarf varieties coupled with mono-cropping and irrigation practices, which enhanced crop-associated weeds and the widespread use of herbicides for easy control. Pesticides may kill many organisms, both target and non-target species, in the environment, causing an imbalance in the ecosystem. Despite the significant increase in productivity, the environmental repercussions of industrial agriculture, characterized by the use of high-yielding crop varieties and the extensive application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, have prompted a quest for more sustainable agricultural practices worldwide. One potential alternative lies in innovative approaches that draw upon ecological insights gleaned from studying natural ecosystems. These approaches aim to create “ecologically intensive” agro-ecosystems. Developing ecologically intensive agro-ecosystems necessitates a deep understanding of the biological dynamics within ecosystems and the integration of traditional agricultural knowledge held by local farmers. Considering the potentiality of appropriate weed management technologies to substantially improve crop productivity, there is an opportunity for the development, popularization, and adoption of effective, economical, and eco-friendly weed management technologies.

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