DOI: 10.21603/1019-8946-2023-6-11 ISSN: 1019-8946

Camelina Sativa in Milking Ration

Olga Filippova, Alexander Frolov, Alexander Betin
  • General Medicine

Milk cows need high metabolic energy sources that are often to be found among plant crops with high fat content. This study featured Camelina sativa, an oilseed crop, as an energy supplement in the diet of lactating cows: 5 % thermally-treated C.sativa seeds were introduced into the grain feed mix. The experiment lasted 35 days and increased the total polyunsaturated fatty acids in milk fat by 1.1 % while the fat content in the milk increased by 0.35 %. The average daily milk yield increased by 3.7 %.

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