DOI: 10.2478/aucts-2023-0004 ISSN: 2668-6449

Calibrating DC01 Material Properties for Finite Element Analysis with Abaqus and Isight

Ilie-Octavian Popp, Mihai-Octavian Popp, Mihaela Oleksik, Gabriela-Petruța Rusu, Anca Lucia Chicea
  • General Medicine


This article explores the process of calibrating the properties of DC01 materials for finite element analysis using ABAQUS and Isight. Precise calibration of yield strength and tensile strength is crucial for accurately modeling material behavior under various loading conditions. The article details the sample preparation process, deformation measurements, and tensile tests to obtain experimental data. These data are then used to calibrate the DC01 material model in ABAQUS with the assistance of Isight, ensuring that the simulations accurately reflect real-world behavior. The results indicate the success of the calibration, facilitating the design and testing of products in a predictive virtual environment. Precise calibration is essential for predicting material behavior in real-world conditions and minimizing the risk of implementation failures.

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