DOI: 10.2478/tar-2024-0005 ISSN: 2545-2835

Calculation and Design of the Main Equipment for Mobile Space Simulation System

Natalija Mozga, Juris Gutans, Raivis Kubulins, Rafał Chatys
  • General Mathematics


This article presents the results of the analysis of approaches to designing a mobile vacuum system ‘METAMORPHOSIS’ for simulation of space environment, which could help provide services of testing space objects at the request of the customers at a place and time acceptable to them, which allows saving time and assets in the development of space objects, their elements, including satellites. As a result of the conducted analysis, methodological approaches to the determination of the structure of the vacuum system were undertaken. To avoid unanticipated issues and to validate computer-driven modelling, testing in a space simulation chamber is an important part of the quality-assurance process. Spacecraft and their components must withstand extreme temperatures and pressure to travel outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Space simulation testing involves the use of a thermal vacuum chamber to replicate the conditions experienced in space.

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