DOI: 10.12737/2308-4898-2024-11-4-32-42 ISSN: 2308-4898

Building the Perspective of a Straight Line Along The Picture Trail and the Vanishing Point

N. Sal'kov
  • General Medicine

The article recalls the essence of academic subjects: descriptive geometry, drawing, engineering graphics, computer graphics and what each of these subjects is intended for. It is said about the compulsory study of geometry by students, especially those students who study in technical fields of study, about the role of descriptive geometry in the learning process and later in practical activities. Therefore, the existence of departments of geometric and graphic profile for each technical university is unconditionally necessary. It is explained that the modern disdainful attitude of the university leadership towards the departments of the geometric direction should not lead to the disappearance of these departments, since an engineer without knowledge of geometry is a fundamental underachiever, and at best an amateur. The reasons that led to the insufficiency of highly qualified specialists in the geometric and graphic profile in universities are given and, in this regard, some steps are proposed to improve the quality of engineering education. The situation of the educational process in the supposedly leading technical universities of the country, which have already got rid of the departments of the geometric direction or are on the road to this "great" achievement, is given as a negative example, as a result of which various information has been received for quite a long time about the not very favorable situation in these universities. Some measures are proposed to improve geometric education in Russian universities.

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