Xueping Gao, Liu Feng, Ruijia Deng, Binpan Wang, Yuan He, Ligai Zhang, Dan Luo, Ming Chen, Kai Chang

Bottom‐up DNA nanostructure‐based paper as point‐of‐care diagnostic: From method to device

AbstractPaper‐based devices have attracted considerable attention in point‐of‐care testing (POCT) due to their simple operation and portability. The performance of paper‐based POC assays is further enhanced by coupling with functional nucleic acids (FNAs), which are able to selectively recognize and bind to targets, amplify and transduce signals. Several high‐performance paper‐based POC assays have been developed, resulting from the different spatial structures of the paper‐based device and detection strategies using different FNAs. In this review, we first introduce FNAs and paper‐based devices, including their concepts, classifications and advances. The following section focuses on the application of these FNAs in POC assays using paper‐based devices, taking into account their spatial one‐, two‐ and three‐dimensional structures. Finally, the challenges and perspectives of the application of FNAs in paper‐based POCT are discussed.

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