DOI: 10.1386/jdsp_00108_1 ISSN: 1757-1871

Body Melts: A somatic approach to figure skating

Maja Luther, Naomi Lefebvre Sell
  • Visual Arts and Performing Arts

This article investigates a somatic approach to movement on ice in several contexts. First, the examination of figure skating training and whether a somatic movement approach could be beneficial for the development of competitive athletes or recreational skaters. Second, whether this approach may diversify movement forms and artistic outcomes on ice. For this empirical research a mixed methodology was used and included an international survey, as well as Practice as Research process in the dance studio and on ice. This article argues that knowledge and research of somatic techniques integrated into contemporary dance training are transferrable to figure skating training, bringing a variety of positive developmental effects. The PaR process resulted in a performance installation titled Body Melts and suggests that there is potential for figure skating as an artform to be recontextualized and for audience expectations to be challenged.