DOI: 10.29137/umagd.1339630 ISSN: 1308-5514

Biyo-Hibrit Çarpışma Kutusu Tasarımının Sayısal Analizi ve Eğik Darbe Altında Enerji Sönümleme Performanslarının İncelenmesi

Hakan Burçin ERDOĞUŞ
  • General Medicine
Designs inspired by nature are used in several areas as automotive, aerospace and defence industry. In studies on the axial crushing analysis of thin-walled structures such as crashworthiness, a critical role of developments of design aspects have been achieved by the bioinspired perspective. The energy absorption performance of the crashworthiness which shapes the basis of the crushing analysis is the main aspects of the numerical and experimental solution methods. In order to verification of finite element model, the energy absorption characteristic specifications were performed the square tube under axial loads. Using the proposed of lotus-inspired design performances of axial load condition, the newly design was prepared square tube included lotus bifurcation as called "bio-hybrid". To compare the axial and oblique loads performances of the L (lotus) and BH (bio-hybrid) structures, force-deformation curves was evaluated with characteristic properties as EA, CFE, SEA, MCF and PCF. The numerical analysis showed that the square outer frame included lotus bifurcation of crashworthiness is less suitable than natural circular lotus configuration under oblique loads. However, the lotus-inspired configuration is advantageous under axial loads

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