Shinyong Jung, Jijun Chen, Liping A. Cai

Beyond Video Game Competition: Novel Dimensions of Live Esports Event Experiences Through Co-Creation

  • Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management
  • Education

This study explores the experience of in-person esports events from attendees’ perspectives by integrating the co-creation concept into the experience economy framework. The study adopted a mixed-methods approach to investigate the underlying psychological mechanism of attendees to actively participate in experience co-creation. The quantitative results validated the experience economy scale within the esports event context. Facilitated by Leximancer, qualitative findings revealed that co-creation elements are key ingredients that contribute to the quality of event experiences. The co-created experience at in-person esports events involves interactions among multiple actors, the physical environment, and other contributing factors that shape the overall experience. The study identified four key dimensions as crucial factors in co-creating a high-quality esports experience: shared fantasy world, immersive experience, social-learning experience, and active engagement. The proposed framework sheds light on a better understanding of the quality of experiences in esports events and provides valuable insights for industry practitioners.

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