DOI: 10.26701/ems.1372215 ISSN: 2587-1110

Baby cry-sensitive armband design for parents with hearing loss

Kaan BALTACIOĞLU, Mustafa Tunahan BAŞAR, Volkan AKDOĞAN, Muharrem KARAASLAN, Emre Arda İLÇİGEN
  • General Agricultural and Biological Sciences
This study was carried out to design an armband for parents with hearing impairment or hearing loss. The main purpose of the study is to design a warning system by taking advantage of the distribution of sound at different intensity values and analyzing the quiet environment, speech sound and baby crying sounds in the propagation area. Sound analysis is carried out by collecting the data within the scope of the study and a vibration warning system is developed based on the analysis. Data is sent from the radio in the baby's room to the parent's armband via radio frequencies. The changes in sound data for a total of 20 seconds were analyzed. Based on these changes, it was determined that the amplitude of the silent environment was 600 delta, the speech sound environment was in the range of 1300-1600 delta and the baby crying sound could reach up to 1650 delta and above. it is seen that the speech sounds exhibit an increase of approximately 75% compared to the silent environment, while the changes in the baby crying sound increase by 102.5% compared to the silent environment. These increases indicate that the system can work effectively in wearable technologies.

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