DOI: 10.31857/s102694520029289-8 ISSN: 1026-9452

Axiological transformation of modern Russian constitutionalism

Sergey N. Baburin
  • Law

The article poses the problem of axiological (value) transformation of modern Russian constitutionalism as the main creative factor in the modern development of constitutionalism, an indispensable condition for the successful civilizational revival of Russia. The purpose of the study is to analyze the development of modern constitutionalism as the leading form of political and legal development of the modern state, the goals, principles, methods and value content of its transformation, need to build integration constitutionalism on strengthening traditional spiritual and moral values. The tasks of the value assessment of Russian constitutionalism, the reasons for Russia’s rejection of Western constitutional universalism, its return to traditional spiritual and moral values that need further constitution are solved. General scientific and special research methods are used, including dialectical and concrete-historical, methods of formal logic, analysis and synthesis, comparative legal and interpretation methods, which makes it possible to identify trends in the development of Russian constitutionalism, to assess the strategic tasks of its further development. As conclusions, the value changes in the meaning of many norms of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, carried out by the constitutional amendment of 2020, the conviction of the Russian state and society that the evolution of liberalism, which ideologically relied on freedom as a preference for the elite, which has always been only an illusion of freedom, ends with the totalitarianism of transnational corporations. Westernism as a social phenomenon of the spiritual mutation of European civilization, having become the dominant phenomenon in the life of Western peoples, turning them into an environment and a means of their being, further promotes the process of social degeneration and spiritual and moral degradation of Western European civilization. In the context of the civilizational crisis, Russia has found the strength to rely on its own traditional values, decisively transforming the axiological foundations of its constitutional system. At the same time, constitutionalism is considered as a social, spiritual and moral process of legitimation of the Constitution by the people, the adoption of the Constitution by society as a value. Strategic tasks of modern Russian constitutionalism are formulated: the continuation of the reconstruction of the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the basis of strengthening the harmonious unity of traditional spiritual and moral values in it, which alone can give a new quality of the Russian state, which should become democratic, legal, social and moral; the Constitution of the Russian Federation should include axiologically verified norms of integration constitutionalism; synchronization of axiologically compatible constitutional reforms within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union, which should end with the adoption of a new Constitution not of the Russian Federation, but of the Russian Union.

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