DOI: 10.17798/bitlisfen.1347396 ISSN: 2147-3129

Autonomous Cargo Carrier Robot in GPS Denied Indoor Environment

Hakan ÜÇGÜN, Fatmanur KIRBOĞA
  • General Medicine
The mobile robot industry, which has become a rapidly growing sector, can easily perform many activities or tasks that can be dangerous, laborious or tiring for humans. A mobile robot helps people by performing the desired tasks in areas such as medical, military, household and cargo. Robots, which perform their duties indoor or outdoor environments, use navigation systems to reach the desired destination. While the global positioning system is generally used in the external environment, different navigation methods are used in the indoor environment. The accuracy of navigation is of great importance when passing through complex, narrow and obstructed roads while going to the relevant target location in the indoor environment. In this study, a cargo carrier robot that can autonomously travel to a location determined by the user in indoor conditions has been developed. After the target point is determined, the cargo vehicle takes action automatically from the starting point, and continuously detects location in order to reach the target with the compass sensor on it. Ultrasonic sensors have been used so that the cargo vehicle can continue to move without hitting any object that may come in front of it while it is going to the target location. A mobile application has been developed to give the destination location of the cargo vehicle and to follow the vehicle. The movements of the autonomous vehicle are controlled by the commands sent via Bluetooth.

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