DOI: 10.3390/computers13030076 ISSN: 2073-431X

Automatic Spell-Checking System for Spanish Based on the Ar2p Neural Network Model

Eduard Puerto, Jose Aguilar, Angel Pinto
  • Computer Networks and Communications
  • Human-Computer Interaction

Currently, approaches to correcting misspelled words have problems when the words are complex or massive. This is even more serious in the case of Spanish, where there are very few studies in this regard. So, proposing new approaches to word recognition and correction remains a research topic of interest. In particular, an interesting approach is to computationally simulate the brain process for recognizing misspelled words and their automatic correction. Thus, this article presents an automatic recognition and correction system of misspelled words in Spanish texts, for the detection of misspelled words, and their automatic amendments, based on the systematic theory of pattern recognition of the mind (PRTM). The main innovation of the research is the use of the PRTM theory in this context. Particularly, a corrective system of misspelled words in Spanish based on this theory, called Ar2p-Text, was designed and built. Ar2p-Text carries out a recursive process of analysis of words by a disaggregation/integration mechanism, using specialized hierarchical recognition modules that define formal strategies to determine if a word is well or poorly written. A comparative evaluation shows that the precision and coverage of our Ar2p-Text model are competitive with other spell-checkers. In the experiments, the system achieves better performance than the three other systems. In general, Ar2p-Text obtains an F-measure of 83%, above the 73% achieved by the other spell-checkers. Our hierarchical approach reuses a lot of information, allowing for the improvement of the text analysis processes in both quality and efficiency. Preliminary results show that the above will allow for future developments of technologies for the correction of words inspired by this hierarchical approach.

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