DOI: 10.18254/s207054760029177-1 ISSN: 2070-5476

AUKUS in U.S. Domestic Policy

Anastasia Mamedova
  • General Medicine

In 2023 the role of the U.S. Congress and the importance of interagency coordination in making AUKUS work came to the fore. A number of bills were introduced in both the House of Representatives and the Senate in order to implement the two pillars of AUKUS. Although the pact enjoys bipartisan support, these bills are hotly debated. There are differences in the approaches of Democrats and Republicans to those aspects of the pact that may affect U.S. domestic policy. Congressmen would like senior U.S. officials to ensure that the implementation of AUKUS will not undermine U.S. national defense and its industrial base. 

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