Saloni Desai, Mihirdev Jhala

Association Between Self-Esteem and Empathy in Physiotherapy Students

  • General Medicine

Self-esteem and empathy are important factors which are needed to enhance the therapist- patient communication skills. The objective of this study is to find out the relationship between self-esteem and empathy in physiotherapy students. Introduction : Self-esteem and empathy are two of the most important factors that contribute to the effective patient - healthcare provider relationship. Individuals with high self-esteem are more capable of handling stress, reducing anxiety and developing better communication skills and interpersonal relationships. Few characteristics can lead to decline in empathy: hidden curriculum, unsuitable learning environment and constant need of detachment. A 2018 study showed that students with higher self-esteem and empathy levels had lower burnout rates. This paper briefly describes the research carried out especially regarding association of self-esteem and empathy in physiotherapy students. Methodology: A cross-sectional-questionnaire based study was conducted among physiotherapy students. A total of 134 students completed this survey and were included in the analysis. The rate of self-esteem was measured using Rosenberg scale of self-esteem, along with Jefferson scale of empathy (health professional student) HPS version questionnaire to measure empathy of students. The study group consisted of 134 students, ages 19–23 years. Each participant was asked to complete two questionnaires; Rosenberg scale of self-esteem containing 10 questions, and the Jefferson scale of empathy (HPS version) containing 20 questions. Result: Statistical Analysis was done by using SPSS 20.00 version and Spearman’s rho test was applied. For the correlation between self-esteem and empathy r value was found out to be moderately correlated (r= -0.403) and level of significance was found to be p<0.05. Level of significance was kept at 5% and confidence level 95%. Conclusion: Hence from this study we concluded that moderate correlation was found between self-esteem and empathy was found out in physiotherapy students. Key words: Self-esteem, Empathy, Physiotherapy students

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