DOI: 10.31703/gpsr.2023(viii-ii).13 ISSN: 2788-5445

Assessment of Quality of Life in UTI Infected Women's Need Development of Modern Therapeutic Interventions

Zafar Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Shahzad, Syed Munib, Azara- Ghani, Rahmat Ali khan
  • General Medicine

To find out how common urine incontinence is in Pakistan and how it affects women's quality of life. One hundred female patients with urine incontinence at the Department of Urology MMC Mardan, Pakistan participated in this prospective observational Study from January 2022 to January 2023. Patients were chosen from the Urology Department. A validated questionnaire was used to evaluate each patient's quality of life. The prevalence of urine incontinence and the resultant variation in quality of life in this cohort was assessed statistically. A total of 100 patients were enrolled. The overall mean (SD) impact on the women's quality of life was 53.4 (6). The prevalence of mild, moderate and severe urinary Incontinence was 22%, 40% and 38%. This Study shows that urine incontinence substantially affects women's quality of life and is rather common in Pakistan.

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