DOI: 10.47992/ijmts.2581.6012.0325 ISSN: 2581-6012

Assessing the Economic Impact of the Fishing Industry in Coastal Karnataka: A Case Analysis

Rachana, Sujaya H.
  • General Medicine

Purpose: The purpose of this research study is to examine the role of the fishing industry in India's economic development, with a particular emphasis on the coastal region of Karnataka. The fishing industry is an important part of India's economy, providing both jobs and foreign exchange gains. Coastal Karnataka, noted for its diversified fisheries resources and fishing communities, is an excellent example of understanding the sector's dynamics, challenges, and possibilities for long-term growth. This study will take a multidisciplinary approach, combining economic, environmental, and social perspectives to examine the influence of the fishing industry on regional development. Design/Methodology/Approach: The research methodology employed in this study is primarily based on the utilization of secondary data collected by CMFRI reports, MPEDA reports, case studies, articles in the fishing industry, and other government websites have been used. Findings: The coastal population depends heavily on the fishing business for a steady source of income. As this industry grows, it helps to reduce poverty and raise the standard of living in these neighbourhoods leading to economic development of the nation. Additionally, the industry has made significant strides in international markets, boosting India's reputation for high-quality seafood goods. With notable improvements in fish landings and economic value, the fishing industry is growing commercially. Originality/value: This study may be useful to the various stakeholders in like fishing industry/sectors, government, Fishing boat owners, fishing community, other users, society Paper type: Case study

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