DOI: 10.36222/ejt.1330631 ISSN: 2536-5010

Artificial Intelligence-Based Tools in Software Development Processes: Application of ChatGPT

  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences
Software development processes are continuously evolving and rapidly transforming alongside the rapid changes in technology. Recently, innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have led to significant changes in software development practices. AI tools can greatly enhance traditional software development processes by offering developers the ability to create projects more intelligently, swiftly, and effectively. These tools can be employed in various tasks, such as code generation, test automation, error analysis, and performance improvements. Particularly, ChatGPT, an AI-based language model that has had a profound impact on almost every domain, can assist software developers in writing code faster and in a more natural language manner. In this research article, essential information about the usage of ChatGPT in the software development process is presented. To evaluate some capabilities of ChatGPT in the software development context, applications were performed on a software project. For this purpose, a software development process was constructed based on the responses provided by ChatGPT. Various questions related to software development processes were formulated, and the responses generated by GPT were evaluated. The obtained results indicated that ChatGPT exhibited excellent performance in the software development process. Based on these findings, it was observed that AI-based models like ChatGPT could be effectively utilized as assisting tools in software development processes, accelerating traditional workflows. Furthermore, AI-based tools can automate testing processes, enhancing software quality while saving time and effort.

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