Pasquale Garofalo, Marco Parlavecchia, Luisa Giglio, Ivana Campobasso, Alessandro Vittorio Vonella, Marco Botta, Tommaso Tadiello, Vincenzo Tucci, Francesco Fornaro, Rita Leogrande, Carolina Vitti, Alessia Perego, Marco Acutis, Domenico Ventrella

ARMOSA Model Parametrization for Winter Durum Wheat Cultivation under Diverse Cropping Management Practices in a Mediterranean Environment

  • Agronomy and Crop Science

In anticipation of climate changes, strategic soil management, encompassing reduced tillage and optimized crop residue utilization, emerges as a pivotal strategy for climate impact mitigation. Evaluating the transition from conventional to conservative cropping systems, especially the equilibrium shift in the medium to long term, is essential. ARMOSA, a robust crop simulation model, adeptly responds to varied soil management practices such as no tillage, minimum tillage, and specific straw management options such as chopping and incorporating crop residue into the soil (with or without prior nitrogen and water addition before ploughing). It effectively captures dynamic fluctuations in total organic carbon over an extended period. While challenges persist in precisely predicting grain yield due to climatic intricacies, ARMOSA stands out as a valuable and versatile tool. The model excels in comprehending and simulating wheat cultivar responses in dynamic agricultural ecosystems, shedding light on phenological patterns, biomass accumulation, and soil organic carbon dynamics. This research significantly advances our understanding of the intricate complexities associated with past wheat cultivation in diverse environmental conditions. ARMOSA’s ability to inform decisions on conservation practices positions it as a valuable asset for researchers, agronomists, and policymakers navigating the challenges of sustainable agriculture amidst climate change. Its real-world significance lies in its potential to guide informed decisions, contributing to global efforts in sustainable agriculture and climate resilience.

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