Sascha Krysmon, Stefan Pischinger, Johannes Claßen, Georgi Trendafilov, Marc Düzgün, Frank Dorscheidt, Martin Nijs, Michael Görgen

Applying Density-Based Clustering for the Analysis of Emission Events in Real Driving Emissions Calibration

  • General Medicine

Further reducing greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions from road vehicles is a major task for the automotive industry. Stricter regulations regarding emissions and fleet fuel consumption require the continuous development of new powertrains and methods. In particular, the combination of hybrid powertrains on the technical side and the focus on real driving emissions (RDE) on the legislative side pose significant challenges to the vehicle calibration process. Against this background, new test methods and environments are being investigated to counteract the high number of interactions between hybrid drive systems and quasi-infinite test conditions due to RDE. Complementary to new test environments, innovative methods for data analysis are needed that allow the exploitation of the complete potential of measurement data. The application of such a method in the field of emission calibration is presented in this paper. For this purpose, a clustering method (HDBSCAN) is applied to critical sequences from emission tests. Within this presentation, the clustering process is based on a single signal only. This paper shows how signals of various characteristics can be processed with dynamic time warping and generically structured with the clustering method used. Here, 959 single events are automatically categorized into 24 clusters. This provides a new basis for system evaluation, enabling the automatic identification, categorization, and prioritization of calibration weaknesses. Using twelve signals of different characteristics, the generic usability of the clustering method is demonstrated.

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