DOI: 10.1162/dint_a_00223 ISSN: 2641-435X

Applying a Context-based Method to Build a Knowledge Graph for the Blue Amazon

Pedro de Moraes Ligabue, Anarosa Alves Franco Brandão, Sarajane Marques Peres, Fabio Gagliardi Cozman, Paulo Pirozelli
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Library and Information Sciences
  • Computer Science Applications
  • Information Systems


Knowledge graphs are employed in several tasks, such as question answering and recommendation systems, due to their ability to represent relationships between concepts. Automatically constructing such a graphs, however, remains an unresolved challenge within knowledge representation. To tackle this challenge, we propose CtxKG, a method specifically aimed at extracting knowledge graphs in a context of limited resources in which the only input is a set of unstructured text documents. CtxKG is based on OpenIE (a relationship triple extraction method) and BERT (a language model) and contains four stages: the extraction of relationship triples directly from text; the identification of synonyms across triples; the merging of similar entities; and the building of bridges between knowledge graphs of different documents. Our method distinguishes itself from those in the current literature (i) through its use of the parse tree to avoid the overlapping entities produced by base implementations of OpenIE; and (ii) through its bridges, which create a connected network of graphs, overcoming a limitation similar methods have of one isolated graph per document. We compare our method to two others by generating graphs for movie articles from Wikipedia and contrasting them with benchmark graphs built from the OMDb movie database. Our results suggest that our method is able to improve multiple aspects of knowledge graph construction. They also highlight the critical role that triple identification and named-entity recognition have in improving the quality of automatically generated graphs, suggesting future paths for investigation. Finally, we apply CtxKG to build BlabKG, a knowledge graph for the Blue Amazon, and discuss possible improvements.

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