DOI: 10.1002/aisy.202300568 ISSN: 2640-4567

Application‐Oriented Modeling of Soft Actuator Ionic Polymer–Metal Composites: A Review

Jingang Jiang, Chuan Lin, Shuainan Xu, Yanxin Yu, Liang Yao, Zhiyuan Huang
  • General Medicine

Compared to conventional actuators, the soft ionic polymer–metal composite (IPMC) actuator has significant advantages in specific applications, and the mathematical model of IPMC actuators is essential to comprehending and applying IPMCs. Due to the inherent characteristics of IPMCs and the impact of the manufacturing and measurement processes, it is challenging to developa reliable model. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the developments in IPMC actuator modeling. In particular, three types of models are examined and contrasted: the nonphysical identification model, the partial‐physical model, and the physical‐based model. In order to comprehend the current state of numerous IPMC actuator models, the characteristics, evolution, and functions of each type of model are discussed. Afterward, the evolution of the IPMC actuators’ applications is discussed. Finally, promising research directions for IPMC actuator models are identified that can more effectively facilitate the development of IPMC‐based devices.

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