DOI: 10.51191/issn.2637-1898.2020.3.4.43 ISSN: 2637-1898

Application Possibilities of Computer Software in the Context of the Art Teaching

Sandra Bjelan-Guska, Nela Hasanbegović
  • General Medicine

The development of technology has significant implications for human creativity. The nature of creative processes is being redefined, and technology is playing an increasingly important role in creative activities, becoming a tool or an extension of the creator's hand helping to integrate a new idea. Implications are also evident in the teaching of fine arts, enhancing the possibilities of stimulating students’ creativity using computer software. This assisted creation system is empowering for the student, as it enables him / her to acquire new abilities and a wide range of creative skills, as well as facilitating the formation of personal semantics. In order to determine the possibility of using computer software in the teaching of fine arts, research has been conducted among subject teachers. The aim is to determine the extent to which teachers of fine arts are familiar with software suitable for visual design, to establish whether they use it in their educational work, and to examine the methodical specifics of the realization such teaching. The results of the research are significant for the processes of designing initial university education programs, as well as in programs for lifelong professional teacher training, both for the purpose of educating teachers about the possibilities of using computer software and their impact on enhancing students’ creativity. The results can be a real boost for teachers who want to complement and strengthen their educational practice.

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