DOI: 10.1049/mia2.12449 ISSN: 1751-8725

Application of switchable 4G/5G dual antenna system for laptops

Shao‐Hung Cheng, Shu‐Chuan Chen, Chang‐Sheng Wu, Jo‐Yen Nieh
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering


This work investigates a switchable 4G/5G dual‐antenna system designed for laptops. The dual open‐slot antenna structure is straightforward, with a slot width of only 2 mm. Each individual antenna features two different feed sections located in two separate regions between the slots. Port 1 is a direct‐feeding design with 3.6 pF chip capacitance, while Port 2 is only a direct‐feeding design. When Port 1 is excited and Port 2 is terminated to 50‐Ω, the antenna is functional in long‐term evolution (LTE) low‐band (617–960 MHz) and 5G sub‐6 GHz band (3300–5000 MHz). On the other hand, when Port 2 is excited and Port 1 is terminated to 50‐Ω, the antenna is functional in the LTE medium/high bands between 1710 and 2690 MHz. The measured isolation consistently exceeded 30 dB, and the efficiency remained above 48% across the entire frequency range. The calculated envelope correlation coefficients derived from the complex E‐field radiation pattern measurements were consistently below 0.02. These findings indicate that the system is exceptionally well‐suited for applications characterised by integrated metallic environments and a high display‐to‐body ratio.

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