Yujing Ma, Ruipeng Chen, Rui Zhang, Jun Liang, Shuyue Ren, Zhixian Gao

Application of DNA‐fueled molecular machines in food safety testing

  • Food Science

AbstractFood is consumed by humans, which is indispensable to human life. Therefore, considerable attention of the whole society has been paid to food safety. Over the last few years, dramatic social development has brought new challenges to food safety, making developing new and quick methods for on‐site food safety testing an important necessity. As a result, DNA‐fueled molecular machines, characterized by high efficiency, accuracy, and sensitivity in testing, have come into the spotlight, based on which sensors can be constructed to detect toxic and harmful substances in food products. This study reviewed recent research on several DNA‐fueled molecular machines, including DNA tweezers, DNA walkers, and DNA origami, for rapidly detecting toxic and harmful substances. Based on the above studies, the sensitivity and timeliness of several DNA molecular machines were summarized and compared, and the development prospect of DNA fuel molecular machines in the field of food safety detection was prospected.

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