DOI: 10.2478/vjbsd-2023-0014 ISSN: 1339-3367

Appearance of Natural Cosmetics in Consumer Behavior Related to Cosmetics in Hungary

Nóra Amberg
  • General Medicine


The aim of this study is to determine what variables influence consumer purchase intentions regarding preferences for natural cosmetics. Data were collected via an online survey from 197 people completed in April-May 2018 in Hungary. The research used a non-parametric test – the Wilcoxon test. Analyses have shown that gender and consumers’ willingness to purchase natural products influence consumers’ willingness to purchase. Environmentally and health-conscious consumer behavior also influences their purchasing intentions for natural cosmetics. Consumer interest in environmental and health issues is growing today, providing a huge opportunity for the natural and organic cosmetics (N&O Cs) industry to develop a strategy that would encourage many consumers to buy organic or natural body care products. The results may also be useful for marketers, online sellers and professionals in identifying and better understanding new trends in natural cosmetics production.

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