DOI: 10.34172/mj.2024.012 ISSN: 2783-2031

Anti-inflammatory effect of swimming exercise and genistein in combination in the pancreas of ovariectomized diabetic rats

Balal Khalilzadeh, Mohammad Zayer, Hadi Yousefi
  • General Medicine

Background. Menopause is associated with an increase in blood sugar and an increase in inflammatory cytokines. Exercise and genistein have biological activities, including anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic activity. This study examined the combined effects of regular swimming exercise and genistein as a preventive strategy against inflammation and pancreatic cell damage in ovariectomized diabetic rats. Methods. A total of 42 female Wistar rats were divided into six groups: Sham, ovariectomy (OVX), diabetic ovariectomy (OVX.D), diabetic ovariectomy + exercise (OVX.D.E), diabetic ovariectomy + genistein (OVX.D.G), and diabetic ovariectomy + exercise + genistein (OVX.D.E.G). Animals underwent swimming training or received genistein or a combination of both for eight weeks. At the end of this period, the levels of TNF-α, Nf-κB, IL-1β, and SIRT1 proteins were evaluated using western blot in pancreatic tissue. Results. Ovariectomy increased the expression of TNF-α, Nf-κB, and IL-1β and decreased the expression of SIRT1, and these effects were more significant in ovariectomized diabetic rats. Treatment with genistein and swimming exercise individually reversed these changes in the level of proteins and improved the inflammation, but the combined effect of these two interventions exhibited more effect. Conclusion. The combination of genistein and regular swimming exercise provides enhanced protection for pancreatic tissue and effectively prevents damage to it. Therefore, performing appropriate physical activities and consuming compounds containing phytoestrogens can prevent the occurrence of disorders such as diabetes during menopause. Practical Implications. The results of this study can guide health policymakers to prevent disorders and complications caused by menopause.

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