DOI: 10.31703/gsr.2023(viii-ii).06 ISSN: 2708-3586

Analyzing the Impact of Socio-Cultural Status on Critical Thinking among University Students

Amber Zehra, Ajab ali Lashari, Afshan Naz
  • Psychiatry and Mental health

Imparting the skills of the 21st century in students is the most important task of all academicians. Critical thinking is an integral skill that plays a major role in students' skill development. (Alessandra, et al. 2020). This study aims to predict the Impact of Sociocultural Status on Critical Thinking among University Students in Karachi. Literature reported that the concept of Critical thinking was never addressed from the perspective of socio-culture (Maulana & Putra, 2022) at the tertiary level in progressing countries like Pakistan. This study will be carried on by employing Mix Methodology (Quantitative and Qualitative) paradigm. Sampling was drawn through a purposive Sampling technique Based on 20 students 10 students each from Either institution. The number of respondents for the quantitative paradigm of the study was 80 to collect data. A set of Activities and tasks were designed for measuring the Critical Thinking of Students. Findings suggested a significant difference in CT ability between the Public and private sector students. The study suggests more research on Curriculum mapping.

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