DOI: 10.2478/minrv-2023-0035 ISSN: 2247-8590

Analytical Examination of Deformational Dynamics in Above-Ground Pipelines Compromised by Corrosion Under the Influence of Internal Pressurization

Ladislau Radermacher, Cristian Rădeanu, Ludovic Călcîi
  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • General Engineering
  • General Environmental Science


Corrosion is a major factor responsible for failures and leaks in gas pipelines. In the context of external corrosion, the internal pressure within pipes can create stress and strain concentrations in the area affected by corrosion. These phenomena, combined with the presence of cavities or cracks resulting from the corrosion process, amplify the risk of pipeline failure. As corrosion reduces the wall thickness of the pipe, its ability to withstand internal pressures decreases significantly. Consequently, a pipe affected by corrosion may collapse at a much lower pressure compared to a pipe that has not been subjected to corrosion.

With a view to analyse and anticipate the behaviour of corroded pipes, finite element modelling is used, implemented through the Abaqus software. This tool allows for simulating the mechanical effects of internal pressure on the gas pipeline structure, thereby providing the ability to predict the pipeline's behaviour under various pressure conditions. This approach aids in identifying and assessing risks associated with corrosion, facilitating the implementation of suitable preventive and maintenance measures to ensure the integrity and functionality of gas pipelines.

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