DOI: 10.1177/16878132231215159 ISSN: 1687-8132

Analysis of second grade nanofluid flow confined by lubricated disk with bioconvection

Manzoor Ahmad, Muhammad Taj, Zahid Nazir, Sabir Ali Shehzad, Muhammad K Siddiq
  • Mechanical Engineering

Thermal mechanism of non-Newtonian nanofluid coated by lubricated power law material has been theoretically worked out. The slip interaction constraints have been proposed for inspecting the thermal transport. The concept of microorganism is utilized to achieve the stabilization of the suspension of nanoparticles. The rheological constraints of nonlinear model are observed by second grade fluid. The flow phenomenon is governed by stagnation point flow. The second-grade (SG) axisymmetric bio-convective nanofluid flow across a moving surface is considered. The flow equations are simplified by the implementation of compatible similarity transformations. The resulting system is solved numerically and analytically by using a hybrid homotopy technique. With the use of a graph and tabular data, the importance of influencing parameters in relation to the velocity field, motile density microorganism’s, temperature and concentration profiles is investigated. The thermal profile is observed to be lowering with higher Prandtl number values. There is a noticeable drop in concentration and thermal profiles against higher viscoelastic parameter values. The microorganism profile is lower in the presence of bio-convected Lewis number. Moving from Newtonian fluid to non-Newtonian fluid, a decrease in motile organism and Nusselt number.

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