Chaozhong Li, Chengshuai Li, Hang Jiang, Hao Chen, Haisheng Fang

Analysis of Influencing Factors on Silicon Epitaxial Growth in Horizontal Single‐Wafer Reactor through Orthogonal Test

  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • General Materials Science
  • General Chemistry

AbstractSilicon epitaxy is a crucial process used in semiconductor manufacturing to deposit high‐quality films of silicon. This technique is widely used in the production of integrated circuits, as it enables the fabrication of intricate electronic structures with enhanced performance characteristics. This study conducts numerical simulations on a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactor to explore the impact of process parameters on the growth rate and non‐uniformity of silicon. The investigation encompasses both the gas and surface reactions of the trichlorosilane‐hydrogen (TCS‐H2) system. The distributions of gas flow velocity, temperature, and main components are systematically studied by varying the process parameters, including susceptor temperature, inlet gas velocity, susceptor rotating speed, inlet gas temperature, upper wall temperature, and TCS mole fraction. Furthermore, the orthogonal test method is introduced to assess the effect of all parameters on the growth non‐uniformity. The results reveal that the inlet gas velocity and susceptor temperature have a significant influence on the growth rate and non‐uniformity. The silicon growth rate is primarily influenced by the TCS mole fraction, whereas the rotation speed of the substrate primarily influences the growth non‐uniformity of growth. Finally, the optimal scheme is proposed as valuable guidance for enhancing silicon chemical vapor deposition processes in industrial applications.

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