DOI: 10.3390/atmos14121754 ISSN: 2073-4433

Analysis of Diurnal Sea Surface Temperature Variability in the Tropical Indian Ocean

Jian Wang, Xiang Li, Xue Han, Yunfei Zhang, Xingrong Chen, Jing Tan
  • Atmospheric Science
  • Environmental Science (miscellaneous)

Based on the 30-year global hourly sea surface temperature (SST) dataset (MLSST) produced by the National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center, Ministry of Natural Resources of China, we analyzed the variability of diurnal sea surface temperature amplitude (DSST) of the tropical Indian Ocean at multiple time scales, as well as its influencing factors. The results show that the DSST in the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, and equatorial Indian Ocean exhibits a bimodal seasonal variation with a semi-annual cycle, while the DSST in the southern Indian Ocean shows an annual cycle. The seasonal variation of DSST is mainly influenced by factors such as sea surface wind speed, shortwave solar radiation, and precipitation. The DSST in the equatorial Indian Ocean is generally higher during El Niño years compared to La Niña years. At the intraseasonal scale, the large standard deviation of DSST in boreal winter is mainly distributed in the southern hemisphere, while the large standard deviation of DSST in boreal summer shifts northward. The intraseasonal variation amplitude of DSST in boreal winter of the tropical Indian Ocean is greater than that in boreal summer. The DSST in the tropical Indian Ocean exhibits significant variation characteristics at multi-time scales. This study provides reference for numerical simulation of air-sea interaction patterns in the tropical Indian Ocean, as well as improvement of short-term climate prediction.

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