DOI: 10.2478/aei-2022-0013 ISSN: 1338-3957

Analysis and Collection Data from IP Network

Martin Hasin, Martin Chovanec, Jakub Palša, Martin Havrilla
  • General Medicine


The rapid deployment of technologies that can share data brings, in addition to the positive aspects, also technologies that an attacker can use to misuse personal data. Vulnerabilities in the network can be divided according to the type of attack into horizontal attacks from the perspective of the attacker and vertical attacks from the perspective of the victim. An important goal of organizations is to successfully defend against such an attack. The search for attacks on the network infrastructure can be ensured by implementing machine learning that can capture the current attack. This work describes methods of searching for attacks using graphical representation of data and also using machine learning of the high count type at different sizes of the investigated segments.

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