DOI: 10.4103/jcsr.jcsr_165_22 ISSN: 2277-5706

An unusual case of angioedema

Abhilash Naini, Aakula Suguna Sree, Akshara Sai Sri Talasila, Sai Subrahmanyam Pappu, Mallikarjuna Shetty
  • General Medicine


A 40-year-old female with diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism presented with a 15 days history of itching all over the body associated with urticarial rash which resolved spontaneously and rapid-onset facial swelling and stiffness for 10 days with the inability to open eyelids due to swelling. On physical examination, the face was swollen diffusely with restriction of eye and mouth opening due to the swelling. In view of unresponsiveness to parenteral steroids and antihistamines, non-allergic causes of angioedema were suspected. Peripheral blood smear examination revealed 55% atypical cells. Bone marrow aspirate examination was suggestive of acute myeloid leukaemia with monocytic differentiation.

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