DOI: 10.32571/ijct.1327047 ISSN: 2602-277X

An overview to current trends in metal oxide thin film preparation methods

  • General Medicine
Thin film preparation and coatings technology has been gaining attention as there is an increasing demand to the functionalized novel materials. Surface design through catalytically active materials such as metal oxides or zeolites as thin films and application through coating provides unique properties to the substance and result novel materials physically and chemically differing from their bulk form. Design technologies allow the preparation of structurally ordered thin films and coatings. Currently, designed thin film materials and coatings have a wide application range such as catalysis, sensing, anti- reflective surfaces, photovoltaics, or specialty design for targeted applications. This study provides a brief overview to the preparation methods of catalytically active coatings and thin film substances, which might be of industrial relevance in the case of the design for targeted applications.

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