DOI: 10.17275/per. ISSN: 2148-6123

An Integration of Local Wisdom into a Problem-based Student Book to Empower Students' Conservation Attitudes

Insar DAMOPOLİİ, Jan Hendriek NUNAKİ, Jeni JENİ, Mangana B. RAMPHERİ, Abdullah AMBUSAİDİ
  • Developmental and Educational Psychology
  • Education
The current state of students' knowledge regarding species diversity, particularly when it comes to endangered local species, is a cause for concern. This problem has resulted in a decline in students' attitudes towards conserving these species. To address these issues, providing students with reading resources that incorporate local wisdom is crucial. This research aims to develop a student book centered around real-world problems and incorporate Papuan local wisdom to enhance students' conservation attitudes. The ADDIE model has been employed to guide the product development process, including trials conducted with junior high school students. The effectiveness of the book was evaluated through questionnaires measuring conservation attitudes, expert validation using validation sheets, and student response questionnaires to assess practicality. The research findings indicate that the student book has been deemed valid by experts. Positive responses from students and teachers regarding the book's ability to optimize conservation attitudes suggest that it meets practical criteria. Moreover, statistically significant differences (p < 0.05) in pre and post attitudes demonstrate that problem-based books integrated with local wisdom effectively empower students' conservation attitudes. The inclusion of information on local wisdom, emphasizing the importance of preserving species, has greatly benefited students by enhancing their knowledge and positively impacting their conservation attitudes. Science teachers can utilize problem-based student books that integrate local wisdom as a powerful tool to enhance their students' conservation attitudes.

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