Giuseppe Umberto Cantafio

An exploration of teaching diverse students in a higher education institution in the UK: A case study of a University in London

This study investigates race equality at The University of Sunderland in London through an analysis of practices and perspectives. Interviews were conducted with Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students, staff, and affiliated individuals, revealing seven major themes: Curriculum, Covid, Diversity, Personal Sphere, Institution, Belonging, and Technology. These themes offer valuable recommendations for fostering a more diverse and inclusive environment, improving the academic experience in UK Higher Education Institutions. To promote diversity, it is essential to ensure balanced student representation in classes and incorporate diversity considerations in recruitment and allocation processes. Creating a culture of equality, diversity, and inclusion is crucial for a positive learning environment. Mentorship programs can facilitate inclusivity, pairing BAME students with experienced staff. Policies should be reviewed to ensure inclusivity and non-discrimination. Increasing representation of people of colour in senior management roles enhances staff diversity. Staff training on creating an inclusive environment is important. Transparent and fair recruitment processes are necessary to avoid bias. Implementing these recommendations can contribute to a more inclusive and equitable higher education landscape, benefiting both students and staff.

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