DOI: 10.1515/math-2023-0128 ISSN: 2391-5455

An efficient Legendre-Galerkin approximation for the fourth-order equation with singular potential and SSP boundary condition

Shuimu Zou, Jun Zhang
  • General Mathematics


In this article, we develop an efficient Legendre-Galerkin approximation based on a reduced-dimension scheme for the fourth-order equation with singular potential and simply supported plate (SSP) boundary conditions in a circular domain. First, we deduce the equivalent reduced-dimension scheme and essential pole condition associated with the original problem, based on which a class of weighted Sobolev spaces are defined and a weak formulation and its discrete scheme are also established for each reduced one-dimensional problem. Second, the existence and uniqueness of the weak solution and the approximation solutions are given using the Lax-Milgram theorem. Then, we construct a class of projection operators, give their approximation properties, and then prove the error estimates of the approximation solutions. In addition, we construct a set of effective basis functions in approximate space using orthogonal property of Legendre polynomials and derive the equivalent matrix form of the discrete scheme. Finally, a large number of numerical examples are performed, and the numerical results illustrate the validity and high accuracy of our algorithm.

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