Mei-Xiao Shen, Fu-Ling Li, Xian-Sheng Luo, Zhi-Ming Wang

An effective treatment and suspicious adverse reaction to Ibrutinib in a patient diagnosed with splenic B-cell lymphoma/leukaemia with prominent nucleoli: A first case report

  • General Medicine

Rationale: Splenic B-cell lymphoma/leukemia with prominent nucleoli (SBLPN) is a new classification, which is so rare that it lacks clinical data. Patient concerns: An increased proportion of prolymphocytes (84%) in the bone marrow smear. Whole exon sequence analysis revealed a TP53 mutation. Diagnoses: Combining the clinical features with laboratory test results led to a diagnosis of SBLPN which was made according to the 5th edition of the WHO classification of hematolymphoid tumors, although the patient was diagnosed with B-PLL when guided by the 4th edition of the WHO classification. Interventions: The use of Ibrutinib as an effective treatment. Outcomes: The patient was in complete remission after 5 months of Ibrutinib and then died of sudden aortic dissection. Lessons: Ibrutinib was an effective regimen for SBLPN. Aortic dissection might be considered as a suspicious adverse reaction to Ibrutinib.

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