DOI: 10.1515/rams-2023-0314 ISSN:

An effective approach to improve microstructure and tribological properties of cold sprayed Al alloys

Tianyu Jiang, Naeem ul Haq Tariq, Xiang Qiu, Qichao Zhang, Lin Li, Jialun Du
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • General Materials Science


Cold spray is considered as an emerging technique for preparing wear-resistant metal matrix composite coatings on the surface of various kinds of metallic materials. In this work, a viable strategy of “cold spraying + hot rolling post-treatment” was successfully applied to prepare wear-resistant B4C/6061 Al composite coating on commercially available 6061 Al plates. The results revealed that hot rolling post-treatment results in uniform distribution of B4C particles in the alloy matrix, good inter-splat bonding, and sufficient plasticity in the splats through effective healing of the defects and splat boundaries in the as-sprayed deposit. As a result, the coating/substrate bonding strength in the hot rolled sample increased two-fold when compared with that of the as-sprayed sample. Moreover, hot rolling process resulted in much improved tribological properties of the coating with the wear rate ∼40% of that of the substrate. The obtained results indicated that the idea of combining cold spraying and hot rolling treatment is quite effective for improving the tribological properties of Al alloy plates. Further, this approach seems equally good for repairing/remanufacturing of unserviceable 6061 Al alloy components.

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