Reena Ranjith, Manjula K. T.

An Ecocritical Reading of Arundhati Roy’s Select Works – A Literature Review

Purpose: The theme of ecocriticism as it is presented in Arundhati Roy's nonfiction writings is the focus of the study. The interdisciplinary study of the environment and literature is known as ecocriticism. Several of Arundhati Roy's chosen writings contain allusions to ecocriticism. The challenges people had to deal with because of the different environmental crisis that mankind had caused are explored in ecocritical literature, especially nonfiction works. The purpose of the study is to investigate how ecocriticism is used in the nonfiction works of the author selected for this study. A careful reading of Roy's works demonstrates the impact of the suffering the individuals endured. Design: In order to identify the research gap, a review of the literature is conducted by gathering data from secondary sources like peer-reviewed journals, national and international publications, the internet, and research sources like Google Scholar, Research Gate, SSRN, Elsevier, and Academia. Using ABCD analysis, the main points of the study are highlighted. To complete the proposed research, information is gathered from academic publications, doctoral theses, scholarly articles, and websites. The methodology utilized largely relies on gathering, analyzing, and interpreting prior knowledge. The methodology will use the textual analysis and comparison method. A close reading of a few of Arundhati Roy’s works will be done on the related topics. The APA Manual has been used to conduct the study's analysis in accordance with its guidelines. Findings: After reviewing numerous papers, books, and theses, it has been determined that the focus of the study will be on ecocriticism in a few key pieces of Arundhati Roy. It demonstrates that ecocriticism studies the goals intended to take a review of the literature and a thorough investigation of the problem at hand. Through a parallel reading of the fiction works with her non-fiction works, the research hopes to gain a deeper understanding of Arundhati Roy's works. Ecocriticism in nonfictional works is not emphasized in analyses of these important literary works. Paper Type: Literature Review

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