DOI: 10.1002/iis2.13013 ISSN:

An Approach to Integrated Digital Requirements Engineering

Jean Duprez, Pascal Paper, Amine Fraj, Laurent Royer, Becky Petteys
  • Automotive Engineering


Systems engineering activities in the concept and development phases have evolved continuously for decades. The deployment of digital thread, digital engineering, MBSE approaches, and modeling and simulation techniques have driven part of this evolution.

Despite this trend, requirements are still largely textual and expressed in natural language, and requirements engineering activities are still often document‐based. However, model‐based requirements‐engineering approaches have emerged in recent years and have demonstrated significant benefits, including improved requirements quality, less ambiguity, and early and efficient verification and validation.

The goal of this paper is to present the current outcomes and perspectives of setting up an Integrated Digital Requirements Engineering approach as developed within our company. This approach seeks to optimize usability and maximize benefits to support end‐to‐end V&V activities while fully integrating into MBSE workflows.

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