DOI: 10.1002/iis2.13090 ISSN:

An Approach for Linking Heterogenous and Domain‐Specific Models to Investigate Cabin System Variants

Mara Fuchs, Yassine Ghanjaoui, Jörn Biedermann, Björn Nagel
  • Automotive Engineering


This paper presents an approach to link heterogeneous and domain‐specific models. The background of this research is the complete investigation and comparison of cabin system variants, where many different aspects have to be represented. These include functional requirements, safety regulations, and geometric properties (e.g. installation space). However, these cannot always be validated or represented with just one model, as different levels of detail are required. Therefore, different discipline models have to be created, which in turn increases the complexity as a whole. Furthermore, the system to be represented by the models, such as the aircraft cabin, is already complex in itself. The many dependencies among each other and subsystems make it difficult to integrate new variants or technologies (e.g. liquid hydrogen) into the existing system architecture. The approach presented here therefore shows how the data and models of the different disciplines can interact with each other in order to be able to investigate variants holistically. This is demonstrated using the design of hatrack variants for a commercial aircraft.

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