DOI: 10.3138/jmvfh-2023-0025 ISSN: 2368-7924

An application of the biopsychosocial model for pain in Canadian Veterans Life After Service Studies 2019 survey

Julián Reyes-Vélez, Erin Buchanan, Jeffrey Pavlacic, Jill Sweet, Lisa Garland Baird
  • General Medicine


Chronic pain continues to be a highly prevalent condition among Canadian Veterans. This study applied the biopsychosocial framework to chronic pain, using different structural equation modelling solutions. This approach allowed for assessment of all factors simultaneously with a model with latent variables. One of the model solutions showed demographic variables do not predict chronic pain. However, these variables should be used to control the modelling process because of their statistical differences. Moreover, biological factors, such as an increased number of physical problems, increased the likelihood of having chronic pain. Psychosocial factors showed increased scores for not having chronic pain.

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