DOI: 10.31703/gesr.2023(viii-i).28 ISSN: 2708-3608

An Analysis of the Problems in the Use of English Participles by Undergraduate Students at Hazara University Mansehra

Muqadar Khan, Laraib Rahat, Muhammad Rafiq
  • General Medicine

The current study aimed at finding out the problems faced by undergraduate students in learning English present, past and perfect participles in Hazara University Mansehra. A descriptive survey design was used to collect data from a sample of hundred students through a non-randomly convenience sampling technique. For answering the questions and achieving objectives, the researchers used a proficiency test. The test comprised morphological and syntactic items about participles in the form of translation, voices and blanks. The collected data was analyzed statistically through SPSS 17.0 version. The analysis revealed that the problems mostly encountered in the English participle were in terms of morphological, functional and syntactical problems in the use of English participles learning particularly present, past and perfect participles. The higher percentage of errors suggests that students should be trained in the use and practice of English participles to learn their correct use.

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