DOI: 10.31703/gesr.2023(viii-ii).26 ISSN: 2708-3608

An Analysis of English Oral Communication Skills after Successful Transition from Primary to Elementary Level

Muhammad Naveed Akhtar, Sadia Tariq, Madiha Liaqat
  • General Medicine

The study examines oral communication transitions from primary to elementary English. At the end of primary school, the Pakistani government set an English oral communication standard for all public and private school students. Descriptive study. Convenient sampling and approaching respondents. District Okara elementary schools kept this study. Selecting all Okara primary schools was impossible. District Okara chose 12 urban and rural primary schools. The research sampled 120 students. All students took 25 questions. An analysis of English oral communication ability (EOCS) audio recorder transcribed data. SPSS and Excel 2010 analysed data. Descriptive and inferential statistics analysed and interpreted data. Statistics included descriptive and inferential. Frequency and T- test. Pakistan's government may help elementary school teachers improve kids' English oral communication. The government may change myths and curricula to improve English oral communication.

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