DOI: 10.4103/jdmimsu.jdmimsu_299_22 ISSN:

Amelioration of Pathological Tooth Migration by Surgical Periodontal Therapy Alone: A Stupendous Clinical Case Report with Two Year Follow up

Arnav Mukherji, Sinthiya Bose Mukherji
  • General Medicine

Moderate-to-severe form of periodontitis is often accompanied by pathological tooth migration. This is characterized by spacing and proclination of teeth. Patients often feel awkward regarding their facial esthetics and seek treatment for the same. Pathological tooth migration is a complex puzzle with various etiological factors to its credit. Treatment often involves time-consuming interdisciplinary approach. Very few case reports have achieved complete resolution of pathological tooth migration by periodontal therapy alone. In this unique case report, periodontal therapy alone could ameliorate pathological tooth migration. Further to it, results are stable for 2 years and continue to be so. Hence, meticulous periodontal therapy is effective in the management of pathologic tooth migration.

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